• Introduction

Molung Foundation (MF) is a not-for-profit-sharing company registered in the Office of the Company Registrar in 2010. Named after a river flowing through the mid-eastern hills of Nepal, it is a social institution engaged in various activities such as research, consulting services, and capacity building in the relevant fields.


Molung Foundation is envisioned as an excellent research institution in Nepal oriented to contribute to the development of self-sustained and equitable society.


By 2030 MF will be a self-sustained vibrant research institution through hard work and dedicated professional engagement in research, consulting services, and capacity building with meaningful participation for socio-economic development in collaboration with public sector.

Core Values

Molung Foundation being an apolitical institution is committed to the values of:





Social inclusion


Molung Foundation is incorporated:

  • To contribute to the policy formulation in education, socio-economic development, social inclusion, indigenous community development, gender equality, and rights issues through extensive study and research
  • To strengthen the capacity of local community leaders, social/development workers and professionals from various fields through skill-oriented capacity building activities
  • To promote the spirit of partnership and cooperation with different national and international organizations through collective and/or joint initiatives relating to research, publication, and consulting services